The Spanish Pyrenees

pyrenees mountains

The Spanish Pyrenees

The Pyrenees mountain range, Spain and France's natural border, can be easily reached from Barcelona. If you're interested in skiing, snowboarding or hiking in the Spanish Pyrenees, there are plenty of resorts to discover. Here are just a few...

Vall de Nuria

Vall de Nuria, a highlight of the Spanish Pyrenees, offers great skiing and hiking trails. It's known for "Mare de Déu de Núria," a legendary statuette held in a large gray sanctuary

How to reach Vall de Núria from Barcelona

vall de nuria This valley in the Spanish pyrenees can only be reached via the "cremallera," a 1930s railway that leaves 6-12 times a day from Ribes-Enllaç. The rickety ride up is absolutely spectacular.

To get to Ribes-Enllaç you take can get a train from Barcelona, which runs about 6 times a day.

Tourist Information

Tourist Office / Sanctuary Complex

  • Tel: (+34) 972 73 20 20
  • Open: Summer hours 9am-8pm daily; Winter hours 9am-6pm daily

Camping Grounds

  • Behind the Sanctuary there is a camping area with limited facilities.
  • Book in advance since Catalonia prohibits unliscenced camping.
  • Tel (+34) 972 73 20 20

Youth Hostel "Alberg Pic de l'Áliga"

  • Tel: (+34) 972 73 20 48

Parc Nacional D'Aiguestortes

parc nacional d'aiguestortes

Catalonia's only National Park is compact, but rife with natural beauty. Its two main valleys are dotted by lakes, streams and mountain crests. This Spanish Pyrenees park's activities are as diverse as it's landscape: you can go skiing or hiking or visit historical sites such as Vall de Boí's Romanesque churches, southwest of the park.

How to reach the National Park from Barcelona

By bus: Alsina Graells buses (4 hours travel) to "La Pobla de Segur." Local buses run from here.

For more information contact: (+34) 973 68 02 57

Tourist Information

National Park Information Offices

  • In Espot: Tel (+34) 973 62 40 36, Open from 9am-1pm & 3.30pm-6.45pm
  • In Boí: Tel (+34) 973 69 61 89, Open from 9am-1pm & 3.30pm-6.45pm
  • In Barruera: Tel (+34) 973 69 40 00; Open 10am-2pm & 4pm-7pm Mon-Sat


This luxury resort, the playground of Spanish royals, charges exhorbitant prices for 73 slopes and beautiful vistas.

For further information call: (+34) 973 63 90 00