Barcelona Nightlife

About Barcelona Nightlife

From cheap dives and Irish pubs to designer bars and enormous night clubs, Barcelona nightlife offers just about everything under the sun. You could easily make a big night of it for under €20, or blow over €50 in one fell swoop. It all depends on the scene that suits your fancy and the budget you're working with.

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Barcelona nightlife can basically be divided into two main categories: bars and night clubs. There is, however, quite a bit of gray area. Some night clubs serve a double function as concert venues, some bars include a small dance floor with DJs, and some restaurants become nocturnal hotspots.

"Xampanyerías" specialize in champagne and cava, "cerveserías" stock up on varieties of beer, "bodegas" serve up all kinds of wine, and "cotelerías" deliver swanky cocktails.

Confused yet? If you're simply looking for a drink, any Barcelona nightlife locale will to the trick.