Barcelona Summer Camp Programs

Residential Stay Program in Barcelona

Summer Camps Programs The Residential Program at our summer camp in Barcelona embodies the essence of our camp philosophy. By living and learning together 24 hours a day, international students can practice language outside of the classroom and truly immerse themselves in the open, multicultural atmosphere that we nurture in our camp. Students will also share rooms organized by age and gender, ensuring that they will have many experiences together that bond them for life.

  • Full board in the residence from Monday to Sunday
  • Includes all language classes, evening activities, sports, workshops, etc.
  • 3 meals/ day
  • Rooms for 4 students

Day Camp Program in Barcelona

Students who want to participate in the camp activities but prefer to sleep at home and spend weekends with their families can benefit from the Day Camp Program. Day Camp participants will participate in all language classes and activities until 20:00.

  • Schedule: from 9:15 to 20:00

Morning Language Program in Barcelona

Morning Language Program campers will take in language classes, as well as participate in any sports, activities or workshops that take place before lunch.

  • Schedule: from 9:15 to 14:00

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